Business Link Pacific’s: Tech Advice for remote working and business development in the Pacific

Yesterday, SR Curio attended the free webinar hosted by Business Link Pacific, with the very knowledgeable and practical Matt Lloyd from Arco Tech.


Here are practical take-aways we learnt:

  1. How to integrate the systems we already have in place, had the tools, but did not know how to create a workflow that integrated these tools.
  2. How to track changes in Google Docs;
  3. That as a Google business user, SR Curio can access Google Meet (we had no idea it was a Google App, thanks Matt!)
  4. That Google Meet links are included automatically in Google Calendar invitations and are a practical solution, which allows us to keep our operations leaner, we save money on transportation and fuel and will therefore champion this internally as well as with our clients moving forward. We started using Google Meet immediately after the webinar with a client, as opposed to Zoom which we found limits us to half an hour sessions only on the free plan.

For those of you who were unable to attend, click HERE to access the full recording of the webinar, including the Q&A sessions.

In the Webinar Matt referred to a ‘how to guide’ called Getting Your Business Online. You can download the Guide HERE.

Thanks and don’t forget to tell us what Google for Business tools you are using now or any others by commenting in the comments below.


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