The Pestle N Mortar Collection by Iso Mambe

Iso Mambe from the Tombil village in the Minj District of Papua New Guinea says the response to his product has been unbelievable.

This is an inspiring story for your Sunday.

Mr. Iso Mamba, is a man in his 50’s from the rural village of Tombil in Minj, in the beautiful Jiwaka province of Papua New Guinea.

A man of deep faith, his handmade wooden Pestle and Mortar product has been a best seller and pre-orders have exceeded sales of 70 units in its first 24 hours.

This allows Mr. Mamba, to support his family of 4 children and his wife, who helps him sell the items locally and create a sustainable livelihood.

Due to the influx of sales, SR Curio has created a simple Google form to allow him to manage the orders and clients.

When we placed our order through his niece, Sofia Kilini, we also discovered that Mr. Mamba was not born disabled but was the victim of sorcery-related violence.

To deliver the product to clients who have pre ordered, his niece Sofia Kilipi, will pick up the stock, a 2 hour drive from Minj, return back to Minj and continue the 60km journey to the nearest airport in Mt. Hagen, where partner delivery service, Go Food PNG will deliver the product to clients addresses.

You can order yours today here:

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