Xceller8 Social Impact Accelerator Program

About Social Impact Accelerator

The 1000 x 250 k Social Impact Accelerator is a six month, marketing incubator for business owners or start ups looking to create a scalable, customised funnel for effortless sales that will grow WITH their business.

With the  team’s leadership, you’ll learn the fundamentals of a results-based attraction marketing strategy aligned with your business plan and impact business model canvas and theory of change that will leave you feeling consistently confident in how to not only grab and hold your ideal client’s attention, but how to convert them into raving fans and paying clients.

This high level, hybrid style group program will take you from confusing content to generating multiple income streams, design your lifestyle and achieve your revenue goals from your marketing.

You’ll gain access to dozens of modules and recorded live training, in addition to tons of live support, weekly Q&A calls, deep dive training, hot seat coaching, guest expert speakers, daily Slack support, accountability partners, and more!

About Xceller8 Consulting

An intimate, six month, customised consulting container for the business owner looking to ELEVATE the results they’re producing.

You could be making 10K a month, or 6 figures a month, you could still be wearing a million hats, operating without a team or you could have a robust team – but still aren’t seeing the growth & revenue you’re looking for.The common denominator? Every consulting client has an established business, signature products/services, and is looking to maximize their growth & revenue but just isn’t sure how.

So whether you need help adjusting your content strategy to create more growth & visibility or you need help pivoting and selling to a totally different audience based on new offers you’re creating, or something else – this offer is for you.

We will break down your goals, analyse the marketing & sales data you already have, craft a customised birds eye view scaling strategy to help you smash those goals and then work on continually optimising.


You will receive two, 60 minute calls per month, slack support between calls, marketing, sales, and scaling asset review and feedback.


Perfect for the company or CEO  looking to massively increase brand awareness and visibility, diversify their marketing efforts, be seen as the authority in their industry, and increase their income and impact.

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